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Affiliate Guide (Extra)

Nov 07,2022 | Entomal SP Tera

Referral link

A referral link is a unique link given to affiliate in which it can used to refer a customer to buy our product and earn commission.

An example to a referral link (Non-functioning):

Whenever a sales are generated through a referral link, the system will capture the sales through the link and commission will be distributed accordingly tho whom the link belongs to.

You can create a customized link for yourself in your affiliate page 

Affiliate link

An affiliate link is a unique link given to affiliate TO RECRUIT ANOTHER AFFILIATE UNDER THEM. Affiliate link is DIFFERENT to Referral link as it doesn't link customer to the shopping page but instead to the affiliate page.

An example to referral link (Non-functioning):

Whenever someone signs up as an affiliate using this link, he will register as an affiliate under the affiliate that had provided the affiliate link and enjoy commission through sales made by invited affiliate.

Exclusive code

This is an exclusive code generated by yourself during application of Affiliateship, you can set your exclusive code to whichever you prefer. However, we recommend setting your codes to be easily memorizable and easily keyed in by your customer. The exclusive code can be customized in your affiliate page too along with your referral link.

This code can be applied by customer to enjoy discount and you as an affiliate will enjoy commission whenever sales are generated using your exclusive code.

How to become an affiliate?

1. To become an affiliate, please register as a member first (Membership guide) and buy at least one product from our store to be eligible and approved as an affiliate

2. If you were referred by someone to buy our product, please ask for an affiliate code from your referral and apply from there. If you have no referral, you can apply for affiliateship through "Affiliate marketing" page and click "New member sign up" on the bottom of the page



3.  Enter your information, your own "Exclusive code" and make sure to acknowledge our Affiliate Terms of service included in our Terms of Service before applying as an affiliate.


4. Once application is completed, we will approve or decline your pending application based on if you have met the criteria set (Becoming a member and has brought at least one product)

5. Once approved, you will be logged in to your affiliate page. You will be able to look at your performance and your referral link, referral code to refer to customers and affiliate link to recruit your downline affiliate


6. You could also view your downline affiliate info & performance by clicking the "Network" tab

7. Thank you for enrolling in our affiliate program, be sure to emphasize on the use of referral code to capture your commission record. Goodluck!